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About This Site

The aim of this site is to assist independent minded visitors to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia to experience a little more of what the island has to offer by getting around a little during their visit, and to provide ideas for those who decide to get around utilising the existing public transport network.

We think that any visitor who does not get around a little during their visit to Sardinia, and who instead just remains near their point of arrival on the island, is missing out on something worthwhile. We also think, however, that using a car to get around the island instead of using public transport, is an option which is often much more expensive (especially in these days of spiraling fuel prices), less environmentally and socially friendly, and isolates the visitor from those opportunities to meet with the local Sardinian people and to experience the odd unexpected sight.

(Photo Courtesy Francesco Palimodde)

We acknowledge, however, that it can sometimes be a little difficult to obtain sufficient information on transport options to enable a rewarding itinerary to be planned and executed in the short time that most visitors have available for their visit to the island. For this reason we have attempted to assist by assembling and presenting in this site a series of Itinerary and other Ideas which we have found to be useful for a visitor wanting to Get Around the island a little.
Each Itinerary Idea commences from one of four main points of arrival to Sardinia and leads to some of what we think are the best (and sometimes also lesser known and visited) parts of the Island, before then heading back again to the start point, all with a minimum of fuss. The itineraries presented here are only ideas however, and we would encourage visitors to make their own modifications to and combinations of these itineraries to create their own itinerary which suits best their own desires. To help you do this we have included web addresses for the Public Transport Operators some of whose services we have found useful in preparing these itineraries.

The actual itinerary that you follow isn't the important thing - the important thing is to Get Around.

Within the site we have also provided some Accommodation options which we have found to be useful for persons arriving in the various towns by Public Transport and we would urge the visitor both to consider utilising some of these accommodation options during their visit, and to remember always to advise the accommodation providers that you heard about them through this site.
Also included are some Activities ideas which we think might make your journey around Sardinia even more rewarding and enjoyable.

(Photo Courtesy Francesco Senette)

We are not trying to be a guide book (there are plenty of these already available and we assume that the visitor has already purchased one) however we have included a few of our own notes and thoughts on the various towns visited in the itinerary ideas presented in the site. Again the aim is to help make your journey a little smoother.

In addition we have also included some general Suggestions and Hints which we have found to be useful for someone getting around Sardinia on their own.

Finally there is also the contact section, so if you would like further information before or during your trip, or would like to tell us how your trip went once it is over, then please feel free to Contact Us.

In conclusion, the contents of this site have been put together, and the site is operated, by Suziru Ltd with the assistance of a small group of people who live in, know and love Sardinia. We all hope that the information and ideas contained herein both help and inspire you to GET AROUND SARDINIA a little during your visit, and we also hope that your stay is both pleasant and rewarding.

Buon Viaggio

© All Rights Reserved Suziru Ltd 2018 - Copying in any form (whether in part or in whole), distribution, or any other use whatsoever, of the text photos, graphics, ideas, name or logo contained within this site (except for strictly personal use in the case of text) is not permitted without first having received express written permission from Suziru ltd.
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