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Time your visit carefully
Sardinia is an Island well known for its beaches and there are as many good reasons for this as there are beautiful beaches. Unfortunately this leads to the Island being very crowded during the traditional summer holiday period of July and August. We believe, however, that Sardinia has a lot to offer at any time of the year. The beaches are still just as beautiful on a sunny afternoon in winter (even if the water is a bit cold), whilst the cooler weather outside of the peak of summer makes for much more comfortable visits to discover some of the scenic and cultural highlights of the interior. Finally, being less crowded, the off season offers more opportunity to appreciate a little of the hospitality and relaxed atmosphere of the real Sardinia. Try and visit the Island out of season.

Nuraghe Santa Barbara (Macomer)

Time your travel carefully
In Sardinia most shops and businesses, and sometimes also bars, close down for lunch from around 1pm until around 5pm and this can mean that many towns are virtually devoid of life during these hours. Try to design your itinerary such that you visit towns during the morning or in the evening, and do your travelling between towns either in the very early morning or at lunch time. Otherwise all you will see is a lot of empty streets.

Travel Light
There is a shortage of left luggage facilities in Sardinia. Some of the itinerary ideas presented in this site involve brief visits to towns of interest during breaks between transport connections however this is difficult to achieve with large items of luggage. It is usually better to attempt to get around with as little as possible, with a small backpack for example being ideal. In general the larger train stations operated by the FS have left luggage facilities, but not always, and they are not open 24 Hrs. A useful facility for visitors arriving and departing from Alghero is located at the FdS train station in that town. There is another at the Sassari Train station (where both the FS and the FdS trains arrive). For those arriving and departing from Olbia there is a left luggage facility at the Isola Bianca Port (Stazione Marittima). In Nuoro there is a left luggage office at the FdS train station and in Cagliari there should be a left luggage facility at the FS train station.


Arm yourself with maps before coming
Most towns in Sardinia have a local tourist office which can supply good maps of each town, but these are often closed outside of the summer season. A good alternative source of street maps for many (but not all) of the towns included in these Itineraries could be from web sites such as or

Always tell the Bus Driver where you are going
It saves getting on the wrong bus and, in the event that an unscheduled bus change becomes necessary (which sometimes happens), the Driver will usually help you understand what you need to do.

Buy your ticket before getting on the bus
This is a requirement for most (but not all) of the various public bus operators in Sardinia. We have tried to include details on which services require pre-purchase and the more convenient sales points for the tickets for these services in the notes to each Itinerary Idea or in the notes to the relevant town. Sometimes you may find, however, that ticket sales points are closed when you arrive and depart from a town, and in these cases the bus driver will usually let you board anyway, indicating the place in a subsequent town on route where you can alight briefly to purchase the missing ticket. Pre-purchased train or bus tickets must usually be stamped before or as you board.

Watch out for Sundays
Public transport services in Sardinia are drastically reduced on Sundays meaning that, unless indicated otherwise in the descriptions, each of the individual  travel days in the Itinerary Ideas included in this site WILL NOT FUNCTION ON SUNDAYS. Hence it is best to plan carefully your start day, any layover days, and your finish day for any of these Itinerary Ideas, or for your own itinerary for that matter, to avoid getting stranded somewhere that you hadn't planned on. Given that many Sardinian towns are virtually completely closed on Sundays, getting stranded somewhere can be doubly frustrating as there often isn't even anything to see or do to fill in the time. Always read carefully the details in the Public Transport Operators timetables when selecting transport services if you are intending to travel on Sundays.

(Photo Courtesy Francesco Pallimodde)
Watch out for Public Holidays
Like Sundays, public holidays can result in significant reductions to certain public transport services resulting in many of the travel days in the Itinerary Ideas included in this site not working. It would be wise to confirm the existence or otherwise of public holidays during the dates of your intended visit to Sardinia and take account of these in your plans.

Summer Travel
Some transport timetables and routes change for the summer period as routes serving students and workers reduce or shut down, whilst new routes serving coastal beach areas start up. It is important therefore, if you are planing to get around during the summer, to check the notes carefully when reading Transport Operators' timetables both to avoid being caught out and to make the best use of the unusual opportunities available. We have included in this site a few of our own Itinerary Ideas which make use of some of the summer only transport and these Itineraries are, therefore, only feasibile during the summer period (See Itinerary Ideas A5, C4, and O5 - but there are many other possibilities). One of the better known summer only transport links is the Trenino Verde "Green Train" linking Arbatax with Cagliari passing through the middle of the Barbagia, however there are also summer only bus links to several of the coastal areas of interest that were not accessable during the off season. Note that all the other Itinerary Ideas included in this site should continue to function just as well also during the summer period.  Note also that, as far as public transport is concerned, the summer period in Sardinia is not very long. Bus summer timetables operate usually from around mid June to the end of August, whilst the Trenino Verde (Green Train) operates from around mid June till mid September only (a great shame in our opinion!)

(Photo Courtesy Francesco Senette)

Our Itineraries are only Ideas
Design your own itinerary. By selecting and assembling individual travel days from the different Itinerary Ideas presented here it is possible to come up with several hybrid itineraries one of which may suit your desires a little better than those we have presented. The recent addition of direct low cost flight connections between London and Cagliari and London and Olbia (the London Alghero connection has existed for some time) means that it is now possible (at least for visitors from London) to arrive in Alghero or Olbia, travel the Island, and then depart from Cagliari saving the necessity to traverse the island a second time to return to the starting point. Of course you could always do the same in reverse, but we think that a North to South traverse of the Island works better. Alternatively you could arrive in Alghero, traverse the Island from West to East and depart from Olbia. Visitors arriving from the mainland, on the other-hand, could make use of the recent low cost flight connection between Alghero and Rome to arrive on or depart from the Island thus avoiding one of the overnight ferry trips. Alternatives abound.

Things change constantly
Just before embarking on your visit, check the web sites of the individual transport operators again to make sure that there have been no changes to services included in these Itinerary Ideas or your own itinerary. Check also the part of this site dedicated to News. Sometimes transport services are suspended temporarily or permanently, or timetables are varied, or routes are altered etc and if any such variations come to our attention, we will attempt to advise them here. We are only able to notify the changes that come to our attention, however, and can make no guarantees about the correctness or otherwise of the information passed on.

(Photo Courtesy Francesco Pallimodde)

We are not trying to be a guidebook
There are plenty of these already available and we assume that the visitor has already purchased one. We have, however, included a few of our own notes, thoughts and hints on the various towns visited in the Itinerary Ideas presented in the site. The aim of these notes is to help you get around a little easier when you arrive in any particular town and thus save valuable time. If you want any more information on any town, particularly those off the beaten track about which your guidebook might not say too much get in touch with us and we will see if we can help.

We cannot make any guarantees
Whilst considerable effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information and ideas contained in site, we must stress that we have no control over the activities of the individual transport, accomodation or other service operators who are mentioned in this site. For this reason we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information provided or any losses, hardships, or damages caused as a result of any person following or otherwise making use of any of the Itineraries, ideas or other suggestions contained herein. (See also our General Disclaimer.) If, during your visit you find conditions to be different to those indicated in this site then we would ask you to please contact us so that we may correct our information. Nobody likes to continue to provide outdated information.

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