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Below are a few activities and other ideas that we have found can enrich a visit to some of the various locations referred to in this site.
(1) Central Sardinian Reds

Sardinian Red

Trying some of the local wines must certainly be one of the pleasures of a visit to virtually any part of Italy, and this holds equally so for Sardinia which has been producing good wines for centuries and more. There are many opportunities over the island to sample and buy the local produce, but one of the very characteristic wines would have to be the dry and ruby-red Cannonau known as the "wine of the Sardinians" and what better, more scenic and characteristic area to seek it out than at the foot of the spectacular Sopramonte Ranges in the towns of Dorgali and Oliena located in centre of the Island near Nuoro.
In the case of Oliena the DOC Cannonau actually has a sub classification, which applies solely to production from a very limited geographical area encompassing only the territory of Oliena and a small portion of neighboring Orgosolo, known as Nepente of Oliena - a justifiably renowned drop and well worth searching out.
Given that there exists a bus service operated by ARST which links Nuoro to Oliena and Dorgali with several departures during the day, it is not a difficult matter to put together an itinerary departing either from Nuoro or Dorgali / Cala Gonone which takes in both Oliena and Dorgali and return in little more than a morning. If you turn it into a full day with some time to explore both towns and a hearty lunch in one of the restaurants, however, then you have put together a rewarding days outing based from Nuoro or a fruitful solution to an unexpected rainy day when based on the coast at Cala Gonone.
In Oliena there are several wine producers. The Cantina Sociale of Oliena ( is located in Via Nuoro a short distance downhill from the main bus stop in the town (get yourself a map if needed) and on a recent visit we found extremely helpful and friendly staff with the opportunity to taste and purchase from their limited selection.
In Dorgali the Cantina Sociale of Dorgali ( we found to have equally friendly and helpful staff and again the opportunity to taste and purchase direct for the manufacturer. The Cantina is located in Via Piemonte which is a side street off Via Lamamora to the right just a short walk down from the main bus stop in Via Lamamora (see our section on Dorgali).
Nuoro can be reached by public transport in several ways (for some ideas see our itinerary ideas A1, O1, M1, C2) as can Dorgali (see itinerary ideas A2, O2, M2, C3). If you wish to try to visit both Cantina in the one day it might be best to design the itinerary so that you arrive at each in the morning. If coming from Nuoro it may be better to go to Dorgali first then return via Oliena.
(1) Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach - Cagliari

This is Cagliari's main beach and very popular with residents both from Cagliari and from further afield. With good reason too, as it is a nice setting, usually quite safe for swimming, and very well serviced. From the early morning joggers and cyclist to the late night dancing and partying, during summer it often seems like there is more life at Poetto than in the city itself.
To get there take one of the Orange CTM busses marked PF, PQ or PN which depart from Piazza Matteotti directly across the road from the entrance to the ARST Bus station (Piazza Matteotti is in center of the city near the Port - see our Cagliari section) regularly throughout the day and evening for the short 15 to 20 minute journey to the southern end of this long (around 6 km) and very well serviced beach. For timetables and further info see the CTM spa web-site (click on linee and then the bus numbers for timetable info) The busses run pretty much the full length of the beach, (except for the PN bus which only runs along the first third or so of the beach) so there is no need to get off at the southern end, which in any case is often the most busy and noisy part. Instead stay on the bus for awhile and get around to some of the (slightly) quieter parts.
Wherever you decide to go along the beach you are never far from a bar or an area where you can rent deckchairs and umbrellas - all very civilised really.
At the height of summer the city of Cagliari empties itself onto Poetto beach. When in Rome…..
(2) Chia


For the cost of around 3 Euro (July 2005) and a little over an hour on the Bus you could find yourself on the beautiful strip of coastline known as Chia located South West of Cagliari.
Chia is the name commonly used for a series of beaches large and small of crystal clear water separated by small rocky headlands and backed by lagoons (sometimes visited by Flamingoes) and rocky hills covered with Macchia Meditterranea, which lies beside Capo Spartivento about half way between Pula and Teulada. The whole area is pretty lightly developed and the beaches really are nice (although it might be better to steer clear on the weekends during August).
It is possible to get there from Cagliari during the Summer by ARST Busses (See the ARST Website - Select destination Chia (Baia)) of which there are several departures during the day from early in the morning to early in the evening.
Alight from the bus out the front of the Bar Baia di Chia in a large gravel cleared area with a small bus waiting shelter from where you have a walk of around 10 minutes to get to the water. Head west across the gravel and around in front of the Bar and the adjacent Hotel and villas (ignore the first bituman road heading uphill to the left immediately after the bar) and you will quickly come to a second bituman road heading left between the villas and a Golf course on the right hand side. (Note that the Golf course is not immediately visible from where you alight from the Bus.) Follow this road till you get to the coast, which is now very obviously in front of you.
From the point of arrival on the beach you can head East to beaches and the Torre di Chia, or West to find more beaches including the little and well protected Cala Cipolla, a good place to seek out on windy days if the more exposed beaches become a little uncomfortable.
To return to the bus retrace your steps, or from Cala Cipolla you can follow the dirt road running from the rear of the beach back to the bituman which eventually leads back to the front of the Bar Baia di Chia. Allow a good half hour for this walk, only a part of which is in shade.
For a few hours or a full day - Chia makes for pleasant beaching.



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