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The principle attraction at Barumini is the nuraghic site of Su Nuraxi which is located about 1 kilometre west of the town centre and is the biggest and one of the oldest of these structures remaining on the Island left by the nuraghic culture which populated Sardinia from around 1800 BC. The site is open to visitors every day year round but admission is allowed only with a guide. No need to book, just turn up, pay for a ticket and join the next tour. The mini tours (which last an hour or so) depart every 30 minutes from around 9am till around 6pm often with an hour long break for lunch at 1pm, and it is usually possible to get an English speaking guide.

The ARST bus from Sanluri (Itinerary C1, C2) passes through the small town on the S197 (Via Roma) and will drop you off at the only Bus stop which is located just south of the junction of the SS197 with Viale Umberto 1, which is the main intersection in town.

Walk North the few metres to this intersection and then turn left (west) onto Viale Umberto 1 which has a small narrow tree lined piazza running along its right (North) side and is sign posted to Tuilli. Walking along Viale Umberto you quickly arrive at the edge of town, from where continuing to follow this road (the left side has a good footpath) will bring you after a short uphill section to the car-park and ticket office for Su Nuraxi which is clearly visible on the left side of the road. It is no more than a 10 minute walk from the intersection in Barumini and very easy even if a little hot in summer (bring a hat). You should be able to find maps of Barumini on the web before you come to make absolutely sure that you don't waste time getting lost.

After the visit to Su Nuraxi, upon your return to Barumini, there is a pleasant Bar located on the corner of SS197 (Via Roma) and Viale Umberto 1 which has tables in the courtyard out the front and can help pass the time. There is a quaint little church across the road directly in front of the Bar, a rather architecturally confused church a short distance south along S197 from where you got off the bus, and you could also wander the very compact medieval section of the town which lies to the East of SS 197 between Viale Umberto 1 and Via Ponti to use up a little time.

Tickets for the FdS Bus can be bought from the Newsagent in town which is somewhat inconveniently located. Walk East along Viale Umberto 1 (in the opposite direction to Su Nuraxi), the newsagent is located in a rather drab grey half finished concrete building located on the right hand side of this street after the intersection with Via 4 November, opposite the post and telecomunications office. It is a good 5 minutes walk from the main intersection of the town so allow enough time before the bus to make this trek.

The FdS Bus bound for Sanluri Stato will probably arrive in Barumini from the North about 10 minutes before scheduled departure time, turning onto the road for Tuili at the main intersection and heading out of town. Don't panic, as the bus should reappear 10 minutes later upon its return from Tuili to stop at the point on the SS197 opposite where you alighted from the bus from Sanluri.

Bed and Breakfast in Barumini

Agriturismo Farm stay Il Borgo dell'Arcangelo

Address: Via Amsicora 11
 09029 Barumini CAGLIARI
Telephone: 0 Mobile: 0

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Hotel Su Nuraxi

Address: Viale Su Nuraxi 6
 09021 barumini medio campidano
Telephone: Non Disponibile Mobile: Non Disponibile

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Affittacamere Diecizero

Address: Viale Umberto 36
 09021 barumini medio campidano
Telephone: Non Disponibile Mobile: Non Disponibile

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