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Gavoi is a Barbagia town which is working hard to restore its historic centre along carefully controlled guidelines aimed at maintaining a level of authenticity and regularity, which makes it a refreshing change to the semi abandoned and/or heavily altered historic centres of some other Sardinian towns. Its occupants are very proud of their traditions and culture, but at the same time the town presents a quite welcoming atmosphere towards the few visitors that it sees. There are several restaurants so it is a good place to try some of the local fare, several welcoming bars in which to relax, and a growing number of accommodation options. Its location at 700m on the side of a hill facing South-East towards the highest peaks of the Gennargentu range with the (artificial) Lake Gusana in the valley below is particularly pleasant on a fine mid winters morning when snow drapes the higher peaks and the enticing aromas of a hearty lunch in preparation fill the air.

Apart from a stroll around the town, or a walk down to the lake there really isn't anything to do. Relax and soak up a bit of Barbagia hospitality before having to continue your journey back to the main tourist route.

If you are feeling more active then there is at least 1 group located in the town which can organise excursions or guided tours to the Gennargentu or further afield, especially if you are staying for more than 1 day.

Gavoi is not very large but maps can in any case be found on the net. Maps are also available from the Pro Loco office situated in the Town Hall on Via Roma, but it isn't always open.
The Bus from Lanusei (A4, O4) will drop you at the main stop which is on Via Roma just North of the intersection with Via Settembrini, Giovanni XXIII, Dante, Gasperi, and a few others. This intersection is known as Piazza Marconi. The Buses from Nuoro (A1, O1, M1) will also drop you off here and this is the spot to catch ongoing buses.

The main part of town is along Via Roma heading South from Piazza Marconi, with the historic centre heading uphill to the West.

Tickets for the ongoing Bus journeys can be bought at the small bar located on Via Roma where this road turns sharply West (near the town hall and directly opposite where Via Mannu joins Via Roma).

There are a few hotels in the Gavoi area but they are mostly located around the edge of the lake out of town, and some are not open all year. Within the town area, however, there are several nice B and B and agriturismo alternatives which function all year.

Lake Gusana, visible below the town to the South-East can be reached by continuing along Via Roma Southwards and in descent for about 2 kilometres, after which you can choose to follow along either side of the lake. It is also possible to walk to the lake along a more pleasant route away from the road, but you will need directions.

Bed and Breakfast in gavoi

BB di Charme Su Caramu Guest House

Address: Piazza Del Carmelo 5
 08020 gavoi nuoro
Telephone: Non Disponibile Mobile: Non Disponibile

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Hotel taloro

Address: lago di Gusana 
lago di Gusana 08020 gavoi nuoro
Telephone: 0 Mobile: 

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BB di Charme Santa Rughe Guest House

Address: Via Mannu 16
Centro Storico 08020 gavoi nuoro
Telephone: Non Disponibile Mobile: Non Disponibile

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