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You come to Nebida principally for the fantastic coastal scenery, however there are also a couple of interesting old buildings in this tiny hamlet, and plenty of mining relics. In fact if you can tear your eyes away from the coast for a moment and look inland to the hills high above the town, you can see some of the huge collapse holes left by the large scale underground mining which has been undertaken in this area over the years.

But the coast remains the prime attraction and you can see this best by taking the panoramic circuit footpath around the hill overlooking the ocean. From here it is then possible to descend to the remains of the Laveria Lamarmora which was a mineral processing plant in days gone by, and is spectacularly located overlooking the sea at the foot of the steep hill. A long stair-case allows access to the site. It is also possible to get right down to the ocean to one side of the Laveria, but plenty of care is required in moving around.

The FMS Bus from Iglesias follows a spectacular winding cliff-side road before entering the hamlet of Nebida and following along the one main road through the town. There are a couple of Bus stops along the main road, it is best to alight at the first which is just as you enter the built up area. From here it is a 50 m walk back to where the gravel Via Laveria Lamarmora runs a short distance on the level in the direction of the ocean and finishes in a parking area. It is from here that the panoramic footpath commences.

There is a Bar located on the panoramic footpath with such wonderful views that it is impossible to not stop and take a seat for a while (closed from late October to Easter).

If you decide to spend some more time in this area (and why not?) you can get the bus to the next hamlet along (Masua) where the bus terminates, but from where you can walk downhill for around 2 kilometres on the dead-end road to a reasonable beach with even better views towards the headland and the distinctive Island of Pan di Zucchero.

Alternatively you can get the bus back a short distance towards Iglesias and get off at the long sweeping beach where the road from Iglesias first hits the coast.

The FMS Bus back to Iglesias (C1, C2) can be boarded from across the road from where you alighted. Otherwise there is another stop a few 100 metres further along the main street of the town (Corso Pan di Zucchero) out the front of the chemist shop. It is best to arrive with a return ticket pre-purchased from Iglesias to avoid problems.

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