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This is a very small village located right on the ocean front which exists mostly as a summer holiday resort for residents of nearby inland towns. The village itself is unfortunately a little shabby but the section of coastline is quite beautiful with the rock arch over the ocean to which the village owes its name being well worth the visit. The water is a transparent green colour and very inviting, with a dive from the rock ledges around the arch being hard to resist. There is also a small protected beach nearby making this a pleasant spot to pass a few hours by the coast especially on a warm and sunny day out of season when you will virtually have the place to yourselves.

The Bus from Bosa (C3) and from Oristano (C1) should both follow Corso Amsicora (SS292) through town, stopping to let you off at the southern end of town at the junction of this road and Via degli Oleandri (near a large red and yellow sign advertising a local restaurant - maps can be found on the net). From here, follow Via degli Oleandri a short distance and then turn left to get to the elevated walkway around the coastline in front of the town. Heading north along this walkway will quickly lead to the Northern end of the village, from where another stone walkway heads off across the low headland to the arch which is only a few hundred metres away. Or you can follow around the water's edge on the rocks to get there.The protected beach lies in the bay beside the arch.

It is possible to follow around the coast for a short distance to the North beyond the arch from where there are good views to the next village of Santa Caterina, and further along the coastline to the North.

Unless you arrive in the middle of winter (when it might be an idea to come with a sandwich and a drink in hand), you should find one of the bars on the waterfront in S'Archittu open with tables outside to take in the view.

As it can be difficult to find somewhere in S'Archittu to buy a bus ticket for the return or onward journey it is best to arrive with a ticket already in hand. If you arrive from Oristano (C1) the return ticket can easily be bought from the ARST bus station when buying your arrival ticket. If arriving from Bosa (C3) however you will need to try to purchase a ticket also for the S'Archittu to Oristano leg of the journey before leaving Bosa.

Board the bus to Oristano again at the junction of Corso Amsicora and Via degli Oleandri.

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