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A largish town,recently nominated Capital of the newly created Province of Campidano, Sanluri is well serviced with bars, restaurants and transport. A wander around the old part of town can turn up some interesting sites and can help pass a half hour or so during a stopover in the town between transport connections. The town also has a 13th Century castle which hosts a small museum but this may well be closed when you pass through town.

Sanluri doesn't have a Bus Station as such, with arriving and departing buses making a series of different traverses of the town which makes things a little confusing for those getting around on public transport. There is, however, a main bus stop where most buses pass and this is to the South East of the centre of town in front of Piazza Rinascita on the Via of the same name near the junction of this and Via Nuoro. Piazza Rinascita itself is a modern piazza a little like a park with several trees and concrete seats. There are two blue concrete bus-waiting shelters on the street in front of the Piazza. As the Piazza is a little way from the centre of town it is better to arrive with a map.

Buses arriving from San Gavino (C1, C2) may make several stops around town before arriving finally at Piazza Rinascita where there will most probably be several people waiting to board the bus as well as other buses stopped in the area. This is the best spot to alight from the bus.
To get from Piazza Rinascita to the centre of town, walk slightly uphill along Via Rinascita to the North West to the intersection with Via Sassari. Turn right into Via Sassari for one block and then turn left into Via Carlo Felice (at the set of traffic lights). Following along Via Carlo Felice several blocks to its junction with Via Garibaldi (the next set of lights) you will pass several shops, a few bars and at least 1 restaurant. Where Via Carlo Felice meets Via Garibaldi is the yellow Town Hall building behind which is the tangle of narrow stone streets and little piazzas making up the historic centre of the town containing also the Duomo and the Castle.

If necessary, more Bars can be found by following Via Garibaldi downhill the short distance from the traffic lights to Piazza Porto Nuovo.

The ARST bus to Barumini (the bus might be marked as going to Sorgono or Laconi, check with the driver) is boarded back in Via Rinascita across the road from where you alighted from the bus from San Gavino, in front of a yellow and grey 3 storey building. The closest place to purchase tickets for this bus is from a small bar located rather inconveniently at the far South Eastern end of Via Rinascita on the left hand side of the road a short distance after crossing Via Bologna. It is a 5 to10 minute walk there and back from Piazza Rinascita so allow enough time for the trek before the bus arrives.

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